The Complete Companion

With Billy Piper leaving at the end of the season, I was set to wondering who I’d like to see filling the companion slot on the TARDIS. In all truth, I’d quite like to see the return of Captain Jack, those his involvement in the Torchwood project might make that problematic. I’m reasonably certain we need another woman – or perhaps we can go for a double companion solution.

I know the last several regnerations have managed with a single companion, but there was something quite engaging about Peter Davison’s Doctor – managing with three companions at a time, just as the original Doctor had three – Susan, Barbara and Ian. It opens up greater scope for variable reactions and makes companions a little more vulnerable. Sometimes they can bring their specialty to bear, while at other times they’re appropriately useless as simple villain-fodder.

Whatever they do, I don’t want to see a companion who’s too young… While the show aims at a younger audience, I’m not certain a younger companion would garner enough interest or respect… and almost certainly couldn’t stand up to the pressures of the role.

No… give me Captain Jack anytime, and I’ll be happy with that. Or, better yet, why not go companionless for a while. Or, bring back Sarah Jane!

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