Welcome Time Agent

Time and space coruscate and fracture, a vortex of potential yesterdays and tomorrows through which a few travel in the hope of bringing order. The renegades who possess the power to set their destinations and bring hope to the hopeless face insurmountable odds—but it’s the only way. Without their acts, the Universe faces a bleak future, torn by war, savaged by entropy, and doomed to darkness.

Brace for impact—your next stop might be the key to time.

Renegade Time Lord is both a fan site of time travel media and a celebration of role-playing games that take players on voyages through time and space.

For those who want a quick game, Renegade is a minimal game driven by keywords and six-sided dice.

It’s also available in a bundle as Strange Encounters, it includes:

Brace for Impact — a quick way to generate events that occur as you emerge into space from your travels; it includes the core Renegade system at the back of the book

Some Kind of — a compact set of random tables designed to create  hooks, nudges, and red herrings perfect for your next session of space opera or not-too-hard sci-fi; and

From Unformed Realms — a voyage into alien horrors and xenomorph that challenge the existence of all other life in their ravaging of the star.

All generic, systemless supplements, you can opt to use Renegade or adapt the content of these books to your own preferred sci-fi system.