Electric Schemes

As if posting Renegade wasn’t sufficient for minimalist time travel gaming, I present Electric Schemes. Intended to emulate TV series like Stranger Things or stories like Tales from the Loop, it could probably handle Sarah Jane Adventures-style games where Sane Jane happens to be out of the picture for the length of the investigation. You […]


Recently I have got into the simple side of roleplaying, keen to spend more time playing games than learning them. In the first quarter of 2018, I discovered minimald6 by Norbert G. Matausch – and I created a simple version of my favourite dark fantasy game Symbaroum in the PocketMod form of Davokar. On the same […]

Oh, Brilliant!

Yes. In the interest of making life more interesting and having somewhere specific to type up my thoughts about the new Doctor Who series due in the Autumn 2018, I have revived Renegade Timelord and updated the theme to match (somewhat) the new aesthetic of the series. I’m certain to have things to type and […]