Just noted that there’s a favourable review of the new Doctor Who RPG in the latest issue of SFX.

The production value seems to have impressed – with the reviewer noting that many RPGs didn’t come up to the mark in terms of presentation. The reviewer noted the game used a point system for character creation and supported creation of characters suited to the atmosphere of the game (i.e. no gungho alien killing machines coming out of this game!)

The only downside the reviewer noted related to player fights over who got to play The Doctor/the resident Time Lord. I doubt that fight will really last long – because the weight on the shoulders of the average Time Lord will likely detract from the entertainment of playing one. Too much depends on you being right and you spend your time concerned for your companions – so very little time to consider yourself. If you do struggle to get players to agree, rotate character roles – random selection each session. Players who don’t like that kind of random factor and prefer to develop their own characters will rapidly get the idea and settle on a more agreeable arrangement for who plays what character. Those less bothered can play Time Lord ping-pong.

Anyway, I still await arrival of my copy. The price of getting the game £13 cheaper than advertised seems to be existing for the whims of the distributor. The game will come when it comes… Not like I don’t have anything else to do in the meantime!

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