Emotional Farewells

Heck, I’m not going to lie – I weep at the drop of a hat when it comes down to films and TV shows with favourite characters. I still shed a tear when Spock or Kirk dies – in Star Trek II and VII, respectively. Waving goodbye to the crew of the Galactica was like attending a wake for lost friends. So, Sarah Janes involvement with the 10th Doctor has been a real Kleenex moment. Their first meeting, along with Rose, had tears rolling by the as Sarah Jane pontificated on the ups and downs of being a companion. When the Doctor ‘presented’ her with a rebuilt K9, shuddering recommenced, eyes wet and puffy.

Anyway… I should have known better than engaging in a Sarah Jane Adventures marathon yesterday. I knew the Doctor would appear in one of the stories – and he did in the Wedding of Sarah Jane. I enjoyed the story, though the villain of the piece was fairly obvious from the outset. The story actually took a little while to warm up, giving you the chance to see that Sarah Jane might actually be falling in love for real; but, by the end of the episode it clearly was not to be. The arrival of the TARDIS had reverberated through the episode, straining in the background, obviously blocked from materialising by some outside force. When the Doctor finally arrived, he did so with customary explosion of noise and action.

In the end, the villain failed and Sarah Jane was left without a groom… then the Doctor said goodbye. Having shown the kids around the TARDIS, Sarah Jane and he stand alone – and they say farewell, Sarah asking if she’ll see him again and the Doctor admitting that he doesn’t know. We know, of course, that he probably never will (except perhaps fleetingly in an end of year adventure), so it proves all the more emotional.

Boo-hoo. Poor me.

Update: Not really an update, as such – just testing that Renegade Time Lord’s integration with Twitter is up and running.

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