Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

Watched this yesterday – and I’m still loving the series. Yes, all that Combat 3000 stuff wasn’t up to the previous standard, but this episode… Jane Asher seems like a bizarrely suitable fit for Sarah’s ‘replacement’ in the timeline – even though Jane is almost two years older. I definitely think Liz Sladen has weathered better…

The concept was an interesting one – though I think the story purposely underplayed the repercussions rather than handle the massive impact removing Sarah Jane Smith from the timeline really would have had. The Tricksters interest in the Doctor was also a worrying turn in the story; and it was entertaining to see some continuity from Who with the inclusion of the Graske.

I hope the intended teatime audience have kept tuning in and the series will have an ongoing future – it certainly works much better as a spin-off than Torchwood did in its first season.

And – was it just me, or was The Trickster’s cloak a recycled prop? Did the Adherents of the Repeated Meme from ‘The End of the World‘ wear something similar?

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