New Look, Old Concerns

The Doctor’s new costume has been revealed, as Matt Smith steps into the Time Lord’s shoes. While filming the 2010 series with companion actress Karen Gillan, Matt was seen to be wearing “tweed jacket, bow tie, rolled up trousers and black boots” (according to BBC News).

The official Doctor Who web site says, “It says adventure. It says laid back cool. It says Time Lord chic…”. However, what it says to me is up-tight school teacher or perhaps well-turned-out Antiques Roadshow expert. What makes this look a great deal different to the pre-shaved bow-tie sporting Eric Knowles?

It happens whenever we have a regeneration… people doubt the acting ability or the charisma of the new-comer; but, not since Colin Baker exited the TARDIS wardrobe have I doubted the Time Lord’s outfit so completely from the get-go.

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