Ghost Machine: First Glance

Torchwood had a little more to offer in terms of substance and story-telling last night, offering a tale of ghosts and murder in a more X-Files-stylee. It was a fine performance of torment from Gareth Thomas (best known – to me at least – for his role in Blake’s 7 as Roj Blake) – who most recently appeared alongside the Doctor in the Big Finish production Storm Warning – with Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. The rest of the cast had there moments, with a focus on Gwen and Owen – but Jack still doesn’t have a stable enough character to make it really work, and Ianto doesn’t really exist just yet. I know he’s due an episode of his own later in the season, but neight he nor Toshiko work just yet. The characters come across as something less than stereotypes… I don’t even think we’ve quite established them enough for even that yet.

The episode leaves a dangling plot thread in the form of an evacuee from the Blitz, which built up the basis of the storyline without actually going anywhere – and it makes me wonder whether this will for some season arc. Who knows. As of now, my opinion of the series still hangs in the balance – as no single episode has really worked for me so far in terms of balance, characterisation and story.

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