Quick Update

Noted the recent release of the Doctor Who: The Key to Time – Complete 7 Disc Box set) and have every intention of getting it the moment I win the lottery (yes, that soon!). I can see it’s one of those shameless money-grabbing re-releases with a smattering of additional material – but, considering I don’t have any of those earlier releases, now seems as good a time as any.

I think I may be suffering with Who withdrawal symptoms and I haven’t a clue how to handle it. While I have Season One on DVD and a few scattered ‘classic’ stories, I don’t think this will suffice to quell the hunger. It would have been nice if they’d had Torchwood ready for the Autumn, but it definitely still feels very 2008 to me. So, I suppose the only hope will be recording episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures when they finally air… which is no bad thing. I maintain warm and fuzzy memories of the pilot episode at Christmas and if they can maintain that level, I’ll be a very happy chappy indeed.

I keep intending to pull my roleplaying boxed sets out of the cupboard to continue my study of the differences between the FASA Doctor Who RPG editions. Yes, I can imagine people have been sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for me to get on with it and finish… so, sooner rather than later would be best to put you all out of your misery. I have to admit the sense of guilt that weighs on my shoulders over this makes it very hard to maintain good posture at the best of times.

Finally, I seem to have found a way to categorise this posting under five different headings… neat, huh? No? Hang on… Stop pointing that laser screwdriver at me in that threatening way!

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