Easter Egg

What chance do you have of getting something at Easter time that isn’t either cheap chocolate or otherwise bereft of any real meaning associated with the event? I mean, these days Easter has become yet another focus for commercialisation that simply means ‘another occasion when you should go out and get a gift for all those people who will give you a funny and slightly hurt look if you don’t’. What hope for rejoicing in new beginnings, new hope, rebirth?

Well, funny you should mention that! I mean, I’m sure the timing isn’t meant to have Doctor Who coincide with another famous return from the dead… However, Matt Smith and Steve Moffat will be spearheading a new beginning for the renegade Time Lord. More than just new actors and crew, I daresay we will also thrill to the new logo and a variant theme tune, as well as a somewhat altered TARDIS. What better way to spend Easter than this (aside from spending a little time in church should your personal beliefs lean you in that direction)?

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