Another History

I have to say I’m glad I’ve stumbled across ‘Ahistory: An Unauthorised History of the Doctor Who Universe’. I’m suprised I wasn’t aware of it’s existence before now.

I have treasured ‘A History of the Universe’ by Lance Parkin for a dozen years or more. I have a fetish for encyclopedic works about fictional and real world events and people alike. I wallow happily in the interconnectivity of the presented information, flicking back and forth with barely contained glee. To have such a work centred on the Doctor Who universe, I can hardly contain myself.

‘A History…’ took the events up to the end of the Virgin books; but ‘Ahistory’ brings matters almost up to date, up to 2007, including the Big Finish audio adventures and Doctor Who comic strips. I’m happier than a pig in muck.

So, I’m now reading ‘Ahistory’ and the Doctor Who RPG – and I’m thinking to start my own gaming campaign in the midst of the Last Great Time War. Despite failed earlier attempts to move themselves to the safety of a Bottled Universe, the option becomes a desperate last ditch effort to save some vestige of Gallifrey. While events spiral towards a terrible conclusion for Time Lords and Daleks alike, a few escape the end of everything escaping to another reality.

Or something like that…

ADDENDUM: Of course RTD has to throw his oar in with the current special and potentially change the whole outlook of my intended game background. He’s a cheeky monkey.

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