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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Age of Steel: Not the Upgrade I’d Expected

Nope… still not working for me. Sorry. I can thoroughly recommend that you get a hold of a copy of Big Finish‘s excellent Spare Parts. The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa find themselves on a world living in fear of a police state, where people scrape a meagre living and a dark traders making worryingly good […]

Rise of the Cyberman: Never Too Late

Yes – I have been remiss in my updating of the site, and that’s something I intend to keep on top of in future. I have no excuses other than laziness. I have to admit, I’m not sure the whole parallel Cyberman thing worked for me. There was something distinctly Genesis of the Daleks about […]

The Stranger on a Train

Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor and one time Stranger, is currently on tour, along with Anita Harris, in a production of Strangers on a Train, adapted from the Patricia Highsmith novel. The play concerns the chance meeting of a pro tennis player and a high society playboy on a train that leads to murder. Just […]

Telepathic… Moi?

I’ve noticed a range of comments across the electronic ether (called the Internet) about ‘disliking the sudden telepathy’ The Doctor exhibited in The Girl in the Fireplace. Maybe I’m wrong, but the Time Lords have been telepathic, in a limited fashion, for a long while. I’m sure of it. Heck, they can build telepathy into […]