You Might Have Noticed

Yes, I know. I haven’t had time to digest the last two episodes yet to allow me to field an opinion. Thus far, I enjoyed ‘Eleventh Hour’ and I’m still on the fence with my judgment on ‘The Beast Below’. I will post something more… substantial… soon.

In the meantime, one thing about the episodes that struck me from a game mechanic angle is the possible need for the re-introduction of the ‘Notice’ skill – which I understand got cut from the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rules set. The Doctor in the first and Amy in the second had a moment of clarity while looking for ‘an answer’ – and while the current system can fudge around it, an actual skill seems more and more… right. I admit this might not be Notice, but it needs to be something less than the Turn of the Universe trait (that might fit The Doctor, but not Amy).

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