Oh Flip

You know, having read through Time Lord again… the one thing that really bugs me is the dice. All this stuff about rolling two dice and deducting the result of one from the other to get a final score of 0 to 5. I mean… what’s that all about? It seems to be a sluggish, ill-conceived mechanic… or am I just missing something? Why not just roll one six-sided die and deduct one from the final result? Or, better yet, go for something more in keeping with the style of The Doctor and leave everything to the flip of a coin instead? You could decide that you need heads to score anything and then throw five coins on to the table. If you get all tails, you get a zero. If you get all heads, you get five. I’m sure I don’t need to cover the results inbetween – but I hope you get my meaning.

Am I the only one who has a problem with this?

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