Oh, Brilliant!

Yes. In the interest of making life more interesting and having somewhere specific to type up my thoughts about the new Doctor Who series due in the Autumn 2018, I have revived Renegade Timelord and updated the theme to match (somewhat) the new aesthetic of the series.

I’m certain to have things to type and likely to have ideas for gaming as well as matters TV and radio.

For example, at the moment I’m listening to the Sarah Jane Smith series released by Big Finish, back in the middle of the Noughties. It feels odd listening to Elizabeth Sladen’s voice again, hearing new stories while knowing that there will be no more. I’m also fascinated by the story lines that touch on the weird, strange and scientific, but never quite venture wholeheartedly into the territory where the Doctor would get involved.

I’m certain to ponder the new series, the new director, the new Doctor, and what that all might mean.

It’s exciting – and like the recently revival of Star Trek (both in Discovery and The Orville), I’m coming at the new era of Who as a happy lover of sci-fi.