Gridlock: First Glance

While the football made for a painful wait, Gridlock proved absolutely worth waiting for. Great stuff – and good to see an episode which such highly confined surroundings do so well. Made me think of Children of Men, which also made great value out of confined spaces.

I hope that the appearance of the Macra means that Russell T won’t be adverse to further dips into continuity. The Second Doctor faced them before in one of the ‘lost stories’ (where the BBC wisely destroyed the original tapes back in the latter quarter of the last century, needing the space and not thinking very clearly about how they made room…). Martha and The Doctor continue to provide a nice alternative to the old combo with Rose, with clear signals that the former doesn’t like being used and the latter hasn’t yet even started to deal with the loss of his last companion. Not since Adric has The Doctor suffered like this… and maybe he’s forgotten how to handle it. I really look forward to the whole of this season… and the upcoming two-parter with the Daleks can only make it sweeter!

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