Everything Changes Again

Strange how you can grow bizarrely fond of something on second or third viewing, when originally you weren’t completely convinced. I purchased music CDs in the past that led to just such an experience – then I watched ‘Everything Changes’ and ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ last night… and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I liked ‘Everything Changes’ to begin with, actually – but I have only a hazy recollection of ‘Harkness’ from the first viewing. I enjoyed the whole story – both in 1941 and the power play in the Hub.

I still, perhaps, find Bilis Manger a bit of an odd sort and not 100% convincing as a threat – but, maybe, I’m thinking about him in the wrong way. Bilis represents an occult threat, rather than a physical one – he has intentions to bring about the end of the world, not do it single handedly himself with tooth and claw. Mind, and I may be missing something here, I still don’t remember an explanation of how he managed to acquire the vital missing piece of the Rift Manipulator from inside the Hub… Does he have a TARDIS or something hidden away, or has he acquired additional dark powers from his otherworld patron that never get explained?

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