Torchwood Returns

Jack’s back on Wednesday! Yay! The brief (5 minute?) trailer available from the Torchwood website gives away the beginning of the series – and Jack seems quite upbeat… Will he remain the plucky, if slightly tortured, character from Who, or return to the morose, mildly unlikeable Jack of Series One? I certainly hope for the former – because the other Jack made it difficult to bring a real unity to the Torchwood team and I liked him a lot less. Yes, he had his moments, but he lacked a certain lightness of character that should come with someone who effectively can expect to live for-almost-ever.

While Chris Chibnall continues to captain the good ship Torchwood, I hope lessons will have been learned from Series One. If you’re going to do adult, then do it without the schoolboy in the playground mentality of short sweaty bouts of sex and gratuitous flashes of swearing. Deal with adult themes in an adult way – and you will find your viewers appreciating it. I certainly would.

What do I want to see this series? I want to find out what happened during the two years wiped from Jack’s mind while he was a Time Agent…

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