In The Library

Well, the two-parter kick-off for Season 6a certainly raised the stakes, opened up many new potentials, and thoroughly excited me. I could feel comfort in the writing and the acting. I thrilled at the interactions between the primary characters, including Canton, and The Silence provided a creepy opposition. And clearly we haven’t seen the last of this take on the Greys of recent sci-fi.

I really enjoyed the River/Doctor relationship, and the final comments left me wondering. I suspect River’s comments mean that the next time they meet, The Doctor won’t fair too well. And, at the same time, we know that River won’t last forever either. My mind drifted to that first meeting, and the name of the episode – Silence in the Library. I know the episode featured a different Doctor and a different companion – but, River died there and the reference to ‘Silence’ has a whole different angle now.

I’m left pondering the hidden (and abandoned) ship in the attic from ‘The Lodger‘. As the Doctor said, The Silence do not create their own hardware or tech, they borrow from the people they control and manipulate. So, who did The Silence borrow this technology from? Does the Gallifreyan appearance – i.e. the general TARDIS setup – suggest something stolen from the Time Lords? Did The Silence invade Gallifrey as well?

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