Nov, 2007

Time Crash

Having spent a week or more waiting for this damned thing, I managed to unceremoniously miss it completely – and then sat grumbling to myself about how frankly stupid I must be. Still, the Internet lives up to expectations, so not only can you access it on the official BBC site, you can also find it scattered around in other places too…

Crash Countdown

I’m getting all excited about this evening now… so much so that I’m writing this entry when I really don’t have much to say. All these pictures of Peter and David simply make the whole wait nearly too much to handle… but, I’m sure I’ll struggle through somehow and will have the recorder ready to save this 7-minute special for posterity.

I sincerely hope that the man who put the wow-factor into ‘Blink’ will deliver an entertaining, engaging and exciting micro-sode… I know that anything would be better than ‘Dimensions in Time’ (or whatever the last ‘Children in Need’ episode was called), but I’m hankering after a story that will raise it above simply just being better.

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

Watched this yesterday – and I’m still loving the series. Yes, all that Combat 3000 stuff wasn’t up to the previous standard, but this episode… Jane Asher seems like a bizarrely suitable fit for Sarah’s ‘replacement’ in the timeline – even though Jane is almost two years older. I definitely think Liz Sladen has weathered better…

The concept was an interesting one – though I think the story purposely underplayed the repercussions rather than handle the massive impact removing Sarah Jane Smith from the timeline really would have had. The Tricksters interest in the Doctor was also a worrying turn in the story; and it was entertaining to see some continuity from Who with the inclusion of the Graske.

I hope the intended teatime audience have kept tuning in and the series will have an ongoing future – it certainly works much better as a spin-off than Torchwood did in its first season.

And – was it just me, or was The Trickster’s cloak a recycled prop? Did the Adherents of the Repeated Meme from ‘The End of the World‘ wear something similar?

Between The Lines

You can discover an excellent new addition on the BBC Doctor Who website – in the form of some fine pictures to colour in. The set includes individual characters – like the Doctor and Martha – as well as a couple of hectic action scenes that should keep the children (and open-minded adults) engaged for hours.

Napoleon Complex?

While I’d rather avoid spoilers, I can never seem to help myself – and in this case I’m happy to have given in to the urge. The Sontaran featured in the wallpaper here shows promising development away from both the original potato head and the possibility of looking like a Judoon. Yes, I can’t help but feel this one is a little short (is this actually Christopher Ryan in costume?), but I like the armour (metallic blue makes for the difference compared against the Judoon and the original Sontaran get-up). To be honest, when your prime enemy is a blob that would struggle to nip your ankles, I guess you can get away with being only 5 feet tall!

Early Warning System

I am really gagging for more news about the second series of Torchwood, especially because I tend to be the last one to know. I just don’t watch enough TV to catch the adverts or read enough newspapers to see the preview articles. If I got any less media savvy, I’d best move into a cave and have done with it. I mean, I try… but, it just doesn’t interest me. I dislike advert breaks – though I think my partner hates them, which makes us a perfect pair for missing pretty much everything. So, could the primary TV networks drop me some sort of note ahead of time with new releases – along with precise dates and times – so, I can get myselves organised and prepared? I don’t really want to miss anything… but you all make it so tough to keep up!