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Monthly Archives: December 2007

The TV Movie: It’s About Time

Having thoroughly enjoyed the return of the 5th Doctor in ‘Time Crash’, I celebrated the almost-New-Year by watching the 7th and 8th Doctors in ‘The TV Movie‘. I can’t help but appreciate the camp humour and Hollywood-style entertainment delivered in this extended slice of fun. I know, from the audio adventures, that Paul McGann certainly […]

Voyage of the Damned: First Glance

Well, that was a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas Special. I guessed the conclusion the moment the Captain started acting oddly, but that didn’t stop me smiling, cringing and, very nearly, crying at various points along the way. I loved the Titanic, I liked the historian, and I would never fault Kylie… I wouldn’t dream of it. […]

Deaths Trip

A name that cried anagram before I knew her surname, Astrid Peth proves a goldmine of possibilities, including: Deaths Trip Depart This Started Hip Spatter Hid Direst Path That Spider Past Dither A Third Step Trashed Pit Has Pet Dirt Parted Hits Tsar Hid Pet He Dips Tart At Depth Sir I’m not entirely convined […]


Astrid, Estrid, Æstriðr or Ástríðr is a given name of North Germanic origin. It comes from Old Norse Ásfríðr (Divine Beauty), from áss (god) + fríðr (beautiful). Names derived from Astrid include the name Astrida, which is a somewhat common name for girls in the country of Latvia. The name Astrida may have originated when […]