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Monthly Archives: June 2007

The Sound of Drums: First Glance

In the tradition of the three-parter (think ‘Star Wars’ here), The Sound of Drums did an admirable job of maintaining the pace and keeping the action coming. A marvellous blend of evil, continuity, action and good humour – it definitely offered something for seasoned fans and newbies alike. Over-the-top evil, Teletubbies (mirroring The Master’s encounter […]

Utopia: First Glance

What a corker! I read various comments about ‘Utopia‘ over the weekend, and the camps seem split between good and bad. The good appreciate the excellent climax to the episode and even have a soft spot for the background plotline of humans, monsters and quarries. The bad viewed the whole thing as dull and poorly […]

Dalek: A Second Viewing

I watched ‘Dalek‘ last night, and found the whole experience as exhilerating as the first time. I admit to finding Adam more irritating than originally – someone who could have beaten Adric or Melanie for sheer annoyance factor. Mind you, only a few episodes in Rose seemed oddly annoying too and I didn’t feel her […]

Blink: First Glance

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the seasons ‘Doctor Lite’ episode ‘Blink‘ proves you utterly wrong. Steven Moffat created an incredible story from a very basic premise and left a lasting after-image to haunt little kiddies for some time to come. Not since the Nimon has anything really frightened me in Who, […]