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Monthly Archives: March 2007

My Prediction For The Season Finale

I’m just so desperate for this to happen… You know it makes sense. I can’t, for one, believe we can go on any longer with only a single Timelord. That’s no fun at all…

Smith and Jones: First Glance

A solid episode with all the entertainment and action that Rose offered two years ago. By necessity, a vehicle for introducing Martha to the Doctor and vice versa – Smith and Jones had a hungry alien criminal keen to remain hidden, Sontaran-esque alien police officers and a dose of Martha’s family, which I hope they […]


Would it be appropriate to get excited now? Or should I wait until later in the week? Seems like only yesterday I sat down to watch Runaway Bride… This weekend, the third outing of the Doctor in this new millennium graces our we’re-not-worthy TV screens. Hurray for the Doctor! Hurray for Russel T! (has he […]

Why Carry The Torch?

As much as I love Doctor Who and the Universe that surrounds it, my jury remains out on whether Torchwood genuinely deserves a second series. When you look at a quality US series, like the current Heroes that frankly has me gagging for more at the end of each and every episode, I find it […]