Monthly Archives: March 2007

Smith and Jones: First Glance

A solid episode with all the entertainment and action that Rose offered two years ago. By necessity, a vehicle for introducing Martha to the Doctor and vice versa – Smith and Jones had a hungry alien criminal keen to remain hidden, Sontaran-esque alien police officers and a dose of Martha’s family, which I hope they won’t overdue. Remember what Micky was like in the first episode – ARGH! He thankfully developed over time… but I could do without that sort of experience again. And we have the appearance (or mention, as least) of Saxon, both in word and poster form. Where will we be going next with that little thread?


Would it be appropriate to get excited now? Or should I wait until later in the week? Seems like only yesterday I sat down to watch Runaway Bride… This weekend, the third outing of the Doctor in this new millennium graces our we’re-not-worthy TV screens. Hurray for the Doctor! Hurray for Russel T! (has he been lined up for an OBE yet?)

Why Carry The Torch?

As much as I love Doctor Who and the Universe that surrounds it, my jury remains out on whether Torchwood genuinely deserves a second series. When you look at a quality US series, like the current Heroes that frankly has me gagging for more at the end of each and every episode, I find it hard to vocalise any justification for why the Who spin-off should live on.

Yes, I’m intrigued by the possibilities and what Jack might return with following his continuing voyages with the Doctor; but, I’m not exactly hanging off the edge of every news story and snippet about the series, white-knuckled with fear and anticipation about what the series might throw up next (or throw-up if the series continues in the mould of the earlier episodes).