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Renegade md6

Tomorrow, the Doctor and companions ride out once more upon the airwaves. Adventures anew with a brand new Doctor, three new companions, a new theme, a new TARDIS (perhaps).

That seems as good a time as any to sort out the Pocket Mod PDF for Renegade, the minimald6 driven micro-RPG of time-travelling adventure.

Expect more in the future, with new adversaries, character archetypes, specials, adventures, random generator and more besides.

The link will remain static, while the content remains flexible and in motion. Expanded content will appear in supplemental pages to keep the core to a single printed A4 side.

Download Renegade – and prepare for adventure.

More Capsules Please

Doctor-Who-coverNot so long ago, Cubicle 7 released several short and punchy PDF only adventures for Doctor Who. While they have since spent their time concentrating on the Sourcebooks for the individual Doctors – with some excellent content – I’m hankering after more of the snappy capsule adventures.

With the promise that they’ll soon be filling the current core rules void with a swanky new edition featuring Peter Capaldi, would there be a better time to support that release with more PDFs. When a newcomer tries the game for the first time, they will have already spent almost £40 – so, they’re unlikely to go all in and spend another £25 or more on a Sourcebook. However, having finished the introductory adventures, why not draw them in with something a tad more accessible and cheap?

Doctor-Who-Ravens-of-Despair-DWAITASCat’s Eye, Medicine Man and The Ravens of Despair are all less than £2 a pop in PDF, which seems a lot more practical and less of a gamble. I think The Ravens would probably be the best bet for a Capaldi-centred game while, thematically, Medicine Man suits Matt Smith and Cat’s Eye feels more David Tennant. Admittedly, it’s the Doctor and should be pretty interchangeable – and if you run a game for a player-created Time Lord and crew, it doesn’t much matter.

That aside, I thought these little adventures were great fun and great value – you can read individual reviews of Cat’s Eye, Medicine Man and Ravens over on Geeknative. I’d just like to see more – and the opening of the new series mid-September seems a prime time to launch them.