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Renegade md6

Tomorrow, the Doctor and companions ride out once more upon the airwaves. Adventures anew with a brand new Doctor, three new companions, a new theme, a new TARDIS (perhaps).

That seems as good a time as any to sort out the Pocket Mod PDF for Renegade, the minimald6 driven micro-RPG of time-travelling adventure.

Expect more in the future, with new adversaries, character archetypes, specials, adventures, random generator and more besides.

The link will remain static, while the content remains flexible and in motion. Expanded content will appear in supplemental pages to keep the core to a single printed A4 side.

Download Renegade – and prepare for adventure.

Electric Schemes

As if posting Renegade wasn’t sufficient for minimalist time travel gaming, I present Electric Schemes. Intended to emulate TV series like Stranger Things or stories like Tales from the Loop, it could probably handle Sarah Jane Adventures-style games where Sane Jane happens to be out of the picture for the length of the investigation.

You can download the Pocketmod core rules for Electric Schemes, as well as a character sheet.


Recently I have got into the simple side of roleplaying, keen to spend more time playing games than learning them. In the first quarter of 2018, I discovered minimald6 by┬áNorbert G. Matausch – and I created a simple version of my favourite dark fantasy game Symbaroum in the PocketMod form of Davokar.

On the same basis, I plan to do the same for Doctor Who with the release of Renegade.

It isn’t polished, it’s a work in progress. And, for that reason, it will sit here on this web site for a while in text format before I turn it into something more permanent and portable.

I’ll open access to the base document as a Page on this site (soon after the posting of this update). I welcome comments and feedback.