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Renegade Returns

It feels like I should restart blogging about Doctor Who. I know that I’m never going to be on the cutting edge—I love the series, but it’s not like I’m out there on the streets of Cardiff or Sheffield snapping on-set piccies with my iPhone. I’m more a reactive fan with thoughts and stuff.

Deep, right?

What I would like to do is find a way to spin Renegade, my homage to time traveling adventure, into something more substantial. Possibly, when I have a moment—which is unlikely because I never do—I will rewrite it a bit. Or throw a version 2 out there.

It’s nice to have something I can use for a little ad hoc time travel adventure without needing to remember all the rules from one of the other great Doctor Who RPGs.

Mind you, I can do nothing but praise Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space. If you don’t have at least a bit of it and you’re a fan of Who, you’re missing out. A nice simple system with a lot of built-in mechanical potential to simulate the beats and tropes of the series.

I also have a fondness for both FASA’s Doctor Who and Timelord.

The former, because FASA just had such a ride with their licenses, in their moment, and there’s a sort of fun to Who and Star Trek when they did it (even though some of it is so wrong). If you have a chance to read any of the adventures you’ll understand that there was a breakdown in understanding about just what Doctor Who was about. I mean, they’re not unusable, but they’re not easily played straight out of the book without a little consideration and tweaking.

The latter, because I spent ages seeking it out—I recall taking a train over from Huddersfield to Leeds, when I was at university, and managing to track it down in one of the cities many bookstores. There was a questing to it, spoiled somewhat by the fact that I have never got it to the table in any form.

Anyway—what I’m trying to say is that I know my limitations as a fan and I’ll be sticking to gaming as the core of this site, in some shape or form.

Actor Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who, in candid photograph

Jon Pertwee

Lovely to see a celebration of the life of Jon Pertwee on this, his 100th birthday. A joy to see his name trending on Twitter, too.

Jon was not my Doctor. I’m not quite old enough for that. I have vague memories of early Tom Baker, but really my life with Doctor Who didn’t start until the latter part of his reign. My strongest early memory falls in the hands of the bull-headed Nimon.

That aside. I thoroughly enjoy Pertwee period adventure—I’m jealous of those for whom Roger Delgado was their Master. Ainley worked for me—camp megalomaniac worked well for me—but when I see Delgado in action in a face-off with Pertwee, I can only feel envy.

For me, Jon Pertwee was Worzel Gummidge. That’s no bad thing; that series was brilliantly entertaining and filled with such talent besides Pertwee, like the glorious Geoffrey Bayldon and the wonderful Una Stubbs.

Celebrate and remember—I might just drop Terror of the Autons into the DVD Player tonight.