Having spent all too long trying to be clever with my home grown blog, I have decided it would be far simpler to maintain this site with… well, a real blog. So, here it is.

As a result of this massive technological leap forward, expect far more regular content updates on this site – as well as a progressive inclusion of some old material. I hope, as well, to finally complete my indepth meandering through the FASA Doctor Who role-playing game… amongst other things.

I will also have something to say about the new Doctor Who series running in the UK at the moment. I will do my level best to make it really clear when I have a spoiler – and take measure to make it invisible to the casual reader… perhaps by making the text the same colour as the page and requiring that you highlight to see what has to be said. Suffice to say, I’ll give all due warnings.

Anyway… I had best get to work.

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