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Author Archives: Paul

Writer for PARANOIA and Maelstrom. RPG and boardgame fanatic. Business analyst and occasional web designer. Father and keen reader of scifi, history and popular science.

Wallflower Revolution

My wife’s key criticism of the JJ Abram’s near future sci-fi series Revolution, currently showing on Sky in the UK,┬árelated to the plants. If civilisation collapsed 15 years ago, what’s with the plants growing all over the buildings in major cities? How come the plants grew rampant, but not quite so rampant as to be […]

Good Characters Go to War

Yesterday, I watched ‘A Good Man Goes to War‘, and I like it. No, I love it. For some reason, it works as an episode introducing the new season (or at least the second part), piles on new characters like they’re going to be relevant (which they haven’t been until the 2012 Christmas Special) and […]

The Crack with the Spiders

Someone asked me, “So , what’s the crack with the spiders in the last episode?” I considered this for a moment and then decided I couldn’t see any relevance to the spiders. Nothing pivotal or surprising. I thought the theme of this half of the series ran along the lines of ‘People live and die; […]

All the Daleks Here Now

I did sort of hope that all the Daleks would have made more of an appearance in the ‘Asylum’, after all the hoo-haa about getting hold of older models. Indeed, I didn’t feel we saw enough older Daleks – of which plenty must exist amongst promotional groups. How many conventions have you visited on the […]