Oh No, Not Him!

After what feels like forever (especially, I should think, anyone who actually sat through the entirety of ‘Eurovision‘), Dr Who Saturday rolls around with episode ‘42‘. While I have suffered Who depravation for the last fortnight, I approach this episode with caution. Chris Chibnall wrote this one.

You may know Chris from his dubious contributions to both Torchwood and Life on Mars – in the form of ‘Coutrycide’ (the promising, but flawed tale of cannibals in rural Wales), ‘End of Days’ (the never promising second part of the Torchwood end of season story), ‘Cyberwoman’ (the laughable ‘Ianto has a dangerous monster hidden in the basement’ episode), ‘Day One’ (that one where someone decided it would be a good idea to have an alien who drew energy from other people’s orgasms because it’s such an adult topic… giggle-giggle) and that ‘Life on Mars’ in the second series where Sam saves his future boss, a stereotypical black officer in a cliched plotline.

Considering someone (maybe the great Russell of T himself) though Chibnall had enough talent to run as head writer for Torchwood… you’ve got to wonder when he’ll pull the rabbit out of his hat and prove his credentials. One can but hope that ’42’ will do this…