Driving to work this morning, I realised just how little Who remains before the end of the season – just four episodes.

In the midst of this mournful epiphany I did, however, glean a glimmer of hope… in less than two weeks Jack will be back! I thought about this for a moment, wondering why this might make a difference… and I’m not really sure. I love Captain Jack. Simple as that. Not in a sexual way or anything. I just find Jack… well, fun. Barrowman seems fun too, so it might just be the whole person that works for me.

When Captain Jack joined the TARDIS crew in Season One, I had a whale of a time watching. It might help that Jack arrived in one of the shows finest stories so far and departed in the equally impressive Dalek two-parter at season close. Torchwood gave Jack a new bittersweet spin, which sort of worked and kind of didn’t… but, whatever happened Captain Harkness remained entertaining, though thick and thin. I hope to see the old Jack back in Utopia, tempered by his recent experiences and desertion by the Ninth Doctor.

Hee-hee… Jack’s back!