Human Nature: Quick Thoughts

‘Human Nature’ proved a stunning first episode of the current two-parter, showcasing what Doctor Who can and should be. Not since ‘The Empty Child’ have we had story-telling like this – characters and settings that thrill and enthrall, interwoven with a plot that keeps you dangling off the edge of your seat.

Every put in an excellent turn, regulars and new comers alike – and the scarecrow shock troopers showed you don’t need CGI to create a creepy menace on your doorstep. Indeed, the whole episode came off with a minimum of special effects and I’m certain benefited for it. How better to engage your audience than getting them involved and not simply dazzling them with shiny things and bright lights.

I have read the book ‘Human Nature’ (and reread the ebook produced online by the BBC not long ago) and I can appreciate the effort involved in bringing a lengthy tale in compressed, but intellgible, form to the small screen. Bravo to Paul Cornell (and Russell T)!