Everything Changes: First Glance

A promising start. An establishing episode without a doubt. Definitely a mix of X-Files, Millennium, CSI and lord knows what else. Captain Jack Harkness makes his return, missing since 1941 apparently, along with a team of scientists, hackers and misfits to fight hidden alien menace in the heart of Cardiff.

I liked it. I thought the premise had promise. Some nice nods to Doctor Who, without being too obvious. The Doctor’s hand makes an appearance, from The Christmas Invasion (where the leader of the Sycorax sliced it clean off), and the TARDIS leaves it’s mark – due to a combination of the Gelf rift in the middle of Cardiff imprinting an element of the Chameleon circuit on a paving stone!

The story establishes a place for Gwen, the ordinary police constable, within Torchwood and shows us that Jack has not gone uneffected by his death in the 51st Century.


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