Connections Unseen

I’ve been thinking about connections, considering what might have caused certain events or points of focus.

Is it possible, for example, that one of the tears in reality, like that in Amy’s childhood bedroom, also caused the sun to go nova causing the grand exodus of Earth seen in “The Beast Below”?

Aside from the fact River Song seems to have spent a lot of time there, is the pull of the 51st century significant, given humanity harnessed the power of time travel during this period – seen in the despicable acts of the evil mad man Magnus Greel and the formation of the Time Agency, of which Jack Harkness was a member? I’m reasonably sure it isn’t connected, but Jack’s home in the Boeshane Peninsula suffered mass deaths from an unimaginable horror in this very century. A coincidence of continuity, but still…

Does the presence of Amy and Rory on the distant hilltop suggest more than just a passing interest in their earlier selves – and why is the Doctor somewhat blasé about it, considering the dangers? The events of Father’s Day resulted in his death and came about because Rose tampered with causality – is his memory so short?

Or, perhaps, memory has become a problem for everyone – with Amy forgetting the Daleks (and, for that matter, Van Statten not being aware of them either in 2012 as he struggled to engage with his silent Metaltron – in “Dalek”, despite the mass invasions of “Army of Ghosts”/”Doomsday” and “The Stolen Earth”/”Journey’s End” a few years earlier) and a strong reliance in recent episodes on perception filters keeping what is openly there out of sight and out of mind. Can we trust anything we’re seeing, given the Doctor’s own subconscious dark side can work against him with such murderous intent?

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