Astrid, Estrid, Æstriðr or Ástríðr is a given name of North Germanic origin. It comes from Old Norse Ásfríðr (Divine Beauty), from áss (god) + fríðr (beautiful).

Names derived from Astrid include the name Astrida, which is a somewhat common name for girls in the country of Latvia. The name Astrida may have originated when the city of Butare in Rwanda was renamed by its Belgian colonial rulers in honor of Queen Astrid, or by following an Eastern European regional convention of adding the letter ‘a’ to the end of a name to denote the name as being that of a female.

Borrowed from Wikipedia – and no doubt the root of the name has something to do with the presence of The Host (golden angels) aboard the distressed Titanic. Just convenient that Astrid happens to be an anagram of TARDIS as well…

Am I excited or what?! Don’t let me down, Russell…

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