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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Am I Touched?

I have put my faith in the hands of Tim Kring before. I commited time to watch his creation. I invested years in pursuit of an explanation. I sought satisfaction in the midst his storytelling. In Heroes I did, for a season or two, feel the paypack for my faith. I found profit in my […]

For The Crunch

I love the crunch of a good spaceship. I fascinate myself with the sort of geeky merchandise that injects a sense of reality and solidity into works of imagination. I mean technical manuals on the USS Enterprise or a Klingdon D-7 Battlecruiser. I flick through one of these documents with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. […]

Times Up

Timed writing exercise, using each word from the sentence – “It is an intuitive, user-friendly software package, simple to maintain, operate and upgrade as necessary.” – to start off individual sentences or sections of speech. Approximately 10 minutes writing time, with no expectations of completing the story. Sentence taken from the following document: Securing the […]