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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Tarvu, Be Praised

Tarvuism, the fastest growing religion in the world (“It’s SO easy to join”) – and just the sort of thing that the Doctor would get sorted out in a moment, undermining the evil intent beneath the cult within the conspiracy, like some intergalactic star-hopping David Icke. Or something like that.

Connections Unseen

I’ve been thinking about connections, considering what might have caused certain events or points of focus. Is it possible, for example, that one of the tears in reality, like that in Amy’s childhood bedroom, also caused the sun to go nova causing the grand exodus of Earth seen in “The Beast Below”? Aside from the […]

Does Not Compute

…and when it comes to persuading computers to do something that doesn’t make sense, well more suspension of disbelief comes into play. PARANOIA featured a skill called Spurious Logic, which allowed you to engage artificial lifeforms in the sort of discussion that left them smouldering in confusion. Captain Kirk had a knack for doing this […]

Bracewell Dilemma

Folk watching ‘Victory of the Daleks‘ have questioned how the British could have got Spitfires into space in a matter of minutes. Admittedly, a story conceit makes for a more exciting episode; but, with the right frame of mind you could find the means to get close to an explanation within the context of the […]