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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Evolution of the Daleks: Some Thoughts

Alas, having harboured high hopes for this seasons Dalek two-parter, ‘Daleks in Manhattan‘ and ‘Evolution of the Daleks‘ proved woefully misguided. With a promising premise of Depression New York, squealing pig slaves, weird experiments and desperate Daleks, the episodes dissolved into something far less entertaining, far less fitting and much less satisfying overall. The sacrifice […]

Gridlock: First Glance

While the football made for a painful wait, Gridlock proved absolutely worth waiting for. Great stuff – and good to see an episode which such highly confined surroundings do so well. Made me think of Children of Men, which also made great value out of confined spaces. I hope that the appearance of the Macra […]

The Shakespeare Code: First Glance

The third season of ‘new’ Doctor Who continued at a fine pace with ‘The Shakespeare Code’. Martha proved an able companion and perfect foil amidst jokes, puns, random quotes and witchcraft. I’m not absolutely convinced about the plot, but you know… I don’t care. It just seemed to work. With fun and frolics, thesps and […]

Comment Spam

As much as I’d like to imagine Renegade Timelord might attract a few readers and get a little comment conversation going as a result, it seems only the spammers have anything to say at the moment. Therefore, with regret, I have started switching off commenting on posts. If you want to add your thoughts or […]