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Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Eleventh Hour

I think that the problem with a new Doctor is that it challenges what we’ve grown comfortable with. I mean, who would have thought that anyone except William Shatner could play Kirk? Thing is, unlike ‘Star Trek’, Who challenges you with change every few years (or a couple if you’re unlucky, Colin). So, we, as […]

You Might Have Noticed

Yes, I know. I haven’t had time to digest the last two episodes yet to allow me to field an opinion. Thus far, I enjoyed ‘Eleventh Hour’ and I’m still on the fence with my judgment on ‘The Beast Below’. I will post something more… substantial… soon. In the meantime, one thing about the episodes […]

The Eighth Creeking

The Easter Sunday special of ‘Jonathan Creek‘ – The Judas Tree – features the Doctor Who duo of Sheridan Smith and Paul McGann, previously only heard on BBC Radio 7 or via download as Lucie and the Eighth Doctor. Worth a look, I’m sure. Seems like perfect timing given the return of Who this weekend.

Planning the Season

Despite what feels like an endless term of planning followed by lashings of self-doubt, I move ever closer to running my own role-playing campaign using the new Doctor Who system. With that in mind, I have been concocting a story arc. So, given the common practice seems to be to have a season structured along […]