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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Fighting for Survival

“Life’s not a game son. I’m teaching you the art of survival…” Survival… I’ve had this sat on top of the video pile for a while. Sunday afternoon seemed as good a time as any to watch it again. I love the Doctor’s characterisation here, keen to find a mystery at the bottom of a […]

Short Shrift

I waited with baited breath for the sneak peak of the start of ‘The Eleventh Hour’. Alas, the clip proved a little on the underwhelming side. I don’t know… I got it into my head that we’d be getting a minute, so I must have read that on the site somewhere. However, in the end […]

Make The End Sing

‘Tooth and Claw’ provides an excellent story, packed full of excitement, energy and classic elements aplenty. Heroism and deceit, violence and innovation, fear and elation. We know that Queen Victoria can’t die, mustn’t die, and yet we see the peril she faces and the people who give up their lives in her name. However, the […]

Easter Egg

What chance do you have of getting something at Easter time that isn’t either cheap chocolate or otherwise bereft of any real meaning associated with the event? I mean, these days Easter has become yet another focus for commercialisation that simply means ‘another occasion when you should go out and get a gift for all […]