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Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Stolen Earth: First Glance

Crikey! Russell T sure knows how to have a good time. Seriously good episode from a fanboy point of view. Can you really fault it? The Doctor, Sarah Jane, Torchwood… even Harriet Jones makes a heroic return as the core of the resistance, the head of the Doctor’s Army. The episode made sly references to […]

The Encroaching Darkness

While I won’t yet write-up my overall view of ‘Turn Left’ (because I still have a lot of catching up to do), I enjoyed the nod at continuity when the Doctor referred to the beetle as one of the Trickster’s lot. The Trickster was the excellent villain from the ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ episode ‘Whatever Happened […]

The Angels Have The Phone Box 2

Having experimented with creating my own hand-crafted versions of the t-shirt (and I’ve happily created several now for friends), I’ve taken the plunge of creating a Cafepress store of this ‘The Angels Have The Phone Box‘ design.

The Fires of Pompeii: First Glance

The historical story had a key role during the adventures of the First Doctor, but over time they started to slip out of favour or became a backdrop to a tale set in the future. The Fifth Doctor, to my recollection, had quite a few, too. Now, we can expect something from the past in […]