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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Sleeper: First Glance

‘Sleeper‘ felt like preparation – and while an effective enough story itself, failed to bring the viewer to a comfortable conclusion. Beth provided a well-handled focus for the story, a confused woman torn between reality and a secret hidden from everyone, including herself. Beth wanted to be ordinary, but circumstance had pushed extraordinary upon her; […]

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: First Glance

I believe ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang‘ succeeded as a “Previously on…” catch-up episode far better than many I have seen over the years. Approaching Torchwood on the basis that you might never have seen it before, it provided an episode length run down of the team members, their roles, their background, their relationships, and the […]

Torchwood in the Guide

I rescued an article about Torchwood Series One at h2g2 a couple of months ago – and while I mentioned it in passing, it seems a little silly not to unearth it again just before the start of Series Two. h2g2 is ‘an encyclopaedic project… written by people from all over the world’, conceived by […]

Torchwood Returns

Jack’s back on Wednesday! Yay! The brief (5 minute?) trailer available from the Torchwood website gives away the beginning of the series – and Jack seems quite upbeat… Will he remain the plucky, if slightly tortured, character from Who, or return to the morose, mildly unlikeable Jack of Series One? I certainly hope for the […]