Monthly Archives: July 2007

I Can’t Decide

On a roadtrip over the weekend, so added a few more songs to the memory stick I take with me for entertainment. I had an urge for Who tie-ins – so, I downloaded and ‘burned’ Monster by The Automatic (used during Dr Who adverts last year, I think), Voodoo Child by Rogue Trader (‘Here… come… the drums!’) and I Can’t Decide by Scissor Sisters, from the album Ta Dah!. The final track accompanied the early morning stroll of The Master around his floating skybase, lording over the Toclafane hunted masses of planet Earth. Dancing with his bruised wife and wheeling the aged Doctor around the command deck like some pathetic pet/toy… the scene helped sear the song into my brain, and listening to it independently, I love it.

It’s a bitch convincing people to like you
If I stop now call me a quitter
If lies were cats you’d be a litter
Pleasing everyone isn’t like you
Dancing jigs until I’m crippled
Slug ten drinks I won’t get pickled

Wonderful stuff. When you have a somg like this and Voodoo Child, you wonder whether the songs came before the script… or whether Russell T had them running on in the background while he was typing…

The End of Doctor Who? F**k no!

Given the dubious stories coming out of the gutter press about the end of the Time Lord, I thought Steven Moffat summed up a fine response: “Here’s an answer that people should listen to. No broadcaster lets go of a show like Doctor Who. They’d have to be out of their f–king minds.”. I doubt you could sum it up better than that!

Favourite Clip from Season 3

Bizarrely enough, in the current vote to find the fan favourite Doctor Who clip from Season Three, the highest number have fans have voted for the scene right at the end of the series where the Titanic crashes into the TARDIS interior. Why? I have to admit to being totally flummoxed by this voting pattern, because it didn’t really make for riveting, must-see television. Personally, I’d rather have the DVD Easter Egg scene or the bit where The Master declares ‘…here come the drums.’ I don’t think the Titanic scene would have even made my Top Ten! (I’d have Hang on Jack!, I am the Master!, Angel Attack, Gallifrey and the Doctor rescuing Donna from her taxi on the motorway, for a start…)

Prediction for 2008

Too early for this… in respect of a show about time travel… early… nah!

If Season Four proves to be Russell T’s last, I think he’ll HAVE to give in to his final fan boy yearning and have a multiple Doctor story! Another ‘Three Doctors‘ would work for me – with the 8th and 9th Doctors. I’m sure they could lure Chris back for one story; and I’d love to see Paul get another chance at the role on TV (a role he has handled admirably in audio for the last four years or so).

Thought I’d get this prediction in really early before The Sun can spoil it…

Captain Woof

“There’s nothing wrong with being slobbered on…” – or so says John Barrowman, who appeared this morning on Animal Rescue Live, interviewed by Selina Scott.

I have to admit, I didn’t even know Selina was still working! However, here she was talking to Captain Jack with his dogs – Tiger (ni Teegan) and Lewis. Apparently, John and his civil partner wanted to select a dog as a wedding gift – and went looking at the rescue centre to which John serves as patron. Teegan had arrived at the centre recently, and John couldn’t resist the Doctor Who connection… given that Teegan was companion to the fourth/fifth Doctor.

Good to see John and his dogs… apparently they travel a lot with him. Great to see a Who-niverse connection with pet rescue!