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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Countrycide: First Glance

Damn that lead writer, Chris Chibnall… We’ve suffered his sex-crazed alien and his deranged Cyberwoman… do we really need to go through anymore? Maybe I’m tarring Chris for something the director insist on doing wrong. Maybe Chris weaves delicate and exciting stories of extra terrestrials, cyber-violation and the supernatural – and then the directors make […]

Null and Void

Watched Small Worlds again yesterday and noticed a new connection between Torchwood and Doctor Who continuity. At the beginning of the episode, we get a shot of Jack standing in the foreground of his office, with his desk sitting behind him. He’s talking to Ianto, I think. Anyway, on Jack’s right (the viewing left) sits […]

Death Imminent… Oh, sorry… Never mind!

It struck me that Gwen and Peri experienced similarly dubious life-threatening assaults, in Cyberwoman and Vengeance on Varos, respectively. In the latter, while the Varosians struggle to deal with the Doctor, they send Peri and a rebel off to undergo weird DNA regression therapy that brings out the inner animal in those treated. Peri promptly […]

Small Worlds: First Glance

Superb! Most definitely down to Peter J Hammond (best known as the creator and writer of the classic Sapphire & Steel and some great direction (by Alice Troughton), Small Worlds just worked like no other episode of Torchwood had so far. The episode felt full to the brim with potential and characterisation – and that […]