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Voyage of the Damned: First Glance

Well, that was a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas Special. I guessed the conclusion the moment the Captain started acting oddly, but that didn’t stop me smiling, cringing and, very nearly, crying at various points along the way. I loved the Titanic, I liked the historian, and I would never fault Kylie… I wouldn’t dream of it. […]

Deaths Trip

A name that cried anagram before I knew her surname, Astrid Peth proves a goldmine of possibilities, including: Deaths Trip Depart This Started Hip Spatter Hid Direst Path That Spider Past Dither A Third Step Trashed Pit Has Pet Dirt Parted Hits Tsar Hid Pet He Dips Tart At Depth Sir I’m not entirely convined […]


Astrid, Estrid, Æstriðr or Ástríðr is a given name of North Germanic origin. It comes from Old Norse Ásfríðr (Divine Beauty), from áss (god) + fríðr (beautiful). Names derived from Astrid include the name Astrida, which is a somewhat common name for girls in the country of Latvia. The name Astrida may have originated when […]

Christmas Special: Update

Excellent news that the Christmas Special will run long, to make the wait all the more worthwhile. Mind, I’m astonished how quickly Christmas seems to be heading in this direction – likely to collide with my narrowing chances of going shopping like a passenger liner hitting a transdimenional spacio-temporal transportation device. Kylie continues to look […]