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Weevil Time

If you have an overwhelming urge to construct you own Torchwood Weevil army, now would seem to be as good as time as any. Need to fill you Pandorica chamber with growling Weevil menaces – no problem. Get yourself down to your local branch of Toys R Us, and you’ll likely find – as I […]

The Beast Below

I think you could describe this as the first Marmite episode of the season, because you’ll either like it or you won’t – as like Prisoner Zeroes hiding out for 12 years in Amy’s house, you’ll either suspend disbelief or not. Thinking on it, “The Beast Below” feels a little like a campaign supplement for […]

Make The End Sing

‘Tooth and Claw’ provides an excellent story, packed full of excitement, energy and classic elements aplenty. Heroism and deceit, violence and innovation, fear and elation. We know that Queen Victoria can’t die, mustn’t die, and yet we see the peril she faces and the people who give up their lives in her name. However, the […]

Children of Earth

Well, I just sat and watched the whole of Children of Earth in a single marathon sitting. Feel the need to sum up my thoughts without being too detailed or complete. In truth, it wasn’t bad, but it didn’t quite work in the end. You know the scenario that we’ve seen so many times before […]