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All the Daleks Here Now

I did sort of hope that all the Daleks would have made more of an appearance in the ‘Asylum’, after all the hoo-haa about getting hold of older models. Indeed, I didn’t feel we saw enough older Daleks – of which plenty must exist amongst promotional groups. How many conventions have you visited on the […]

Let’s Kill Hitler

Personally, I loved it. I loved the setting. I loved the sets. I loved the characters, including Mel. I loved the man-ship full of little people. I especially loved the people on Twitter who seemed upset about the throwaway use of Hitler and the retconned appearance of Mel. I mean, what? All of River Song’s […]

The TARDIS Revisited

When you see the reconstructed TARDIS for the first time in ‘The Eleventh Hour’, you hope for more. In the old days, we saw corridors, bedrooms, a reception, laboratory, garden… and the Cloister Room, of course. Now, the brevity of the episodes perhaps precludes the need to visit the rest of the TARDIS. I hoped […]

Christmas Special: Update

Excellent news that the Christmas Special will run long, to make the wait all the more worthwhile. Mind, I’m astonished how quickly Christmas seems to be heading in this direction – likely to collide with my narrowing chances of going shopping like a passenger liner hitting a transdimenional spacio-temporal transportation device. Kylie continues to look […]