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Fighting for Survival

“Life’s not a game son. I’m teaching you the art of survival…” Survival… I’ve had this sat on top of the video pile for a while. Sunday afternoon seemed as good a time as any to watch it again. I love the Doctor’s characterisation here, keen to find a mystery at the bottom of a […]

Under the Doctor

Just watched Sylvester McCoy making a brief guest appearance on ‘Al Murray’s Multiply Personality Disorder’. Not the highlight of his comedy career exactly, playing doctor (ha!) to Murray’s gay Nazi. Still, nice to see him on telly again.

SJA: The Day of the Clown

I love anything rooted in mythology or modern day artifacts. That’s why episodes like ‘Blink’ work, because you take something commonplace and give it a disturbing spin. Clowns don’t really need much work to make them disturbing. ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy‘ may not have been the height of the Seventh Doctor’s adventures, but […]

New Earth: First Glance

The new series of Doctor Who started last night with the episode New Earth. It isn’t a spoiler at all to note that this episode features the return of Lady Cassandra (the stretched piece of skin representing the last of pure blooded Humanity in the year 5,000,000) and The Face of Boe, providing a comforting […]