SJA: Revenge of the Slitheen – First Glance

Suddenly I want to be a child all over again, to really appreciate the fact that someone up at the BBC thinks kindly enough of me to create and broadcast ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures‘. I can’t help but applaud the effort of cast and crew on the first episode – ‘Revenge of the Slitheen’. I actually appreciated the Slitheen even more by the very fact we only had one splott of CGI – on the first reveal – and then nothing but rubbery suits. Personally, I feel it worked. Yes, CGI created a far more fluid hunting machine, but running around in costumes fitted the feel of a kids show.

The superb camp of the Slitheen in disguise made them delightful to watch and the kids were hardly irritating at all – and provide a nice spread from hyper-intelligent geek Luke to potato-for-a-brain Clyde. As a fan of ‘Doctor Who‘, the continuity of the Slitheen family continuing to seek revenge made for satisfying justification.

And… Sarah. I hope I’m not alone in feeling a special yearning whenever I see the lithe form of dear Miss Smith. I would dare to go so far as to describe Sarah Jane as a bit of a MILF… but must immediately apologise for descending to such grubby depths. She’s marvellous… absolutely wondrous. I can’t believe we’ve had to wait so long for this – and look forward to much more. I’m sure the tie-in with ‘Doctor Who’ and the essential quality of the show in its own right with make all the difference in giving it a long life. And I hope Sarah gets her wish to meet up with the Doctor again in the very near future…

Love & Monsters: First Glance

I’m caught between loving and loathing this latest episode. Love & Loathing hardly features the Doctor and Rose at all… but, at the same time this didn’t really detract from the story. I have the general feeling for the season – how The Doctor impacts on those around him… whether they come into contact with him for a moment or years. He changes everything around him… he changes lives; he changes events; he changes people’s perceptions. From old compansion like Sarah Jane; to Mikey and his sense of loss for his grandmother; to Elton and his half-forgotten meeting with the Timelord. The Doctor makes a difference… but, as noted in this episode, it might be good or bad. Or somewhere inbetween.

I think my biggest problem lay with the Abzorbaloff. I appreciate it was created from a winning competition entry on Blue Peter… I like the involvement of the viewing public. Just… well, somehow… it didn’t quite work. Too much like the Slitheen, perhaps (yes… I know he was supposed to be… being from the twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorian… caled… um… Klom). Big, green, obnoxious. And I hate Peter Kay. I just don’t find him funny.