Kylie Minogue

Voyage of the Damned: First Glance

Well, that was a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas Special. I guessed the conclusion the moment the Captain started acting oddly, but that didn’t stop me smiling, cringing and, very nearly, crying at various points along the way. I loved the Titanic, I liked the historian, and I would never fault Kylie… I wouldn’t dream of it. Astrid proved a vital, funny and attractive companion, filled with wonder and capable of holding her own.

OK… it wasn’t perfect – I recognised some of the corridors from the ‘Utopia‘ episode (and I’m sure they were used before that) and elements of the bridge, like the wheel, probably came from the Valiant (as seen in the last couple of episodes). I’m sure all the selfless people sacrificing themselves for the common good, while the arrogant, selfish twit coming up flush meant to make a point (which might well carry on into Season Four); but, it maybe drove the point too far in the one direction. I could have done with a little more lift at Christmas time. Yes, Astrid ascended as stardust into the great black void of space… but, somehow I didn’t

Anyway – I enjoyed it. I liked it a lot. ‘Voyage of the Damned‘ worked better for me than ‘The Runaway Bride‘ – and equaled the success, for me, of ‘The Christmas Invasion‘. The bit that raised it above the other three – aside from Astrid’s outfit – for me? The funky new rendition of the theme tune! Wow! Whatever Murray Gold did, and whether this will survive to the series, I loved it… Someone put it online as a mp3, quick!

Deaths Trip

A name that cried anagram before I knew her surname, Astrid Peth proves a goldmine of possibilities, including:

Deaths Trip
Depart This
Started Hip
Spatter Hid
Direst Path
That Spider
Past Dither
A Third Step
Trashed Pit
Has Pet Dirt
Parted Hits
Tsar Hid Pet
He Dips Tart
At Depth Sir

I’m not entirely convined this range offers any clues to the story of the Voyage of the Damned, but you never can tell.

Oh, I almost forgot:

Pad Her Tits

Though I’m sure that isn’t necessary, as Kylie’s figure is nigh on perfect, right?

Christmas Special: Update

Excellent news that the Christmas Special will run long, to make the wait all the more worthwhile. Mind, I’m astonished how quickly Christmas seems to be heading in this direction – likely to collide with my narrowing chances of going shopping like a passenger liner hitting a transdimenional spacio-temporal transportation device.

Kylie continues to look striking and rather fetching in her costume -so, I certainly intend to be there at 6.50pm on the 25th with recorder remote in hand. Unlike the Children in Need special, I will take precautions to remind myself to turn the TV on at the right time – even if it means posting notes all around the house.

Currently, the weird gold angel figures in some of the promotional materials look rather like Axons (who many fans thought might make a return with The Master in the last season, given their name is an anagram of Saxon!).

I’m rubbing my hands in a state of anticipational glee.