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Doctor Who on Sale

Opportunity to pick up PDF copies of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and Doctor Who: Aliens and Creatures for about 30% off the normal price in the Movie sale at DriveThruRPG. Well worth picking up if you haven’t got yourself a copy already!

What the Dickens?

Like Wilf in the most recent series, I appreciate the prospect of a good companion-that-never-was in the form of Charles Dickens. Dickens combines curiosity with a sharp intellect, perception with a entirely understandable interest in self-preservation. Throughout ‘The Unquiet Dead’ – verging on a bottle episode once matters have settled on the encounters within the […]

Can You Smell Chips?

If you needed to mine for plot seeds to fuel your Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space scenarios, what better place to start than ‘The End of the World’? Seems to me the guest list alone makes for an interesting well of possibility. How about learning more about Cheem and how they evolved as […]

Return to Rose

It’s a weird old world sometimes. You watch something and really have your doubts; but, returning to it later, you find you view the whole thing in another light. I watched ‘Rose’ this morning, the first Christopher Eccleston story and the introduction of The Doctor to a whole new generation. The story combines elements to […]